My First Book Available for Kindle and iBooks

My first book, "The Ballad Of Cody Byrne: And Other Stories," is now available digitally on Amazon and iTunes at $2.99 for a limited time.

  • "The Ballad of Cody Byrne: And Other Stories" is a fiction collection containing two short novels, ten short stories, poetry, and lyrics.
  • The titular novella tells the story of Cody Byrne, a twenty-four year old aspiring writer who has never been in love. As his own family is torn apart by potential infidelity and a bitter divorce, he meets Amara Reston, a free-spirited college student who lives in the apartment next to him. With Amara at his side, love leads the way to experience as Cody's sheltered scholarly life gives way to the many beautiful and often painful events that mark the passage into adulthood.
  • The other stories in the collection range from the gritty realism of "Earthward," a coming of age novella set in Central Oregon, to historical dramas with flashes of sci-fi and fantasy, such as "Isabel," "The Curse Of Sprout," "The God Of The Island," and "Diotima: A Prologue."
  • Ryan dedicated the book to the memories of two of his greatest influences, Jim Harrison and Leonard Cohen, both of whom passed in 2016