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There was once a lonely country kid who dreamed of great adventures. When the boy was ready to become a man, he went to the sacred mountain in search of a vision. He met his allies and his enemies, and began the journey that brought him first to New Orleans at the age of 17. The city spoke to him of greatness, of legends, and of generations.

More adventures followed in DC, Europe, and Central America. Yet with time he came to see that the greatest adventure is the internal one, the forging of a character in the heat of love, loss, and life.

Through the making of songs and stories, he found a channel for that which felt divine in himself. And so he gave himself to it, whatever the cost of a life that cannot be sold.

Ryan invites you to join him on this adventure, to return  to the wild places and the old ways of being. As a Patron, you will have a unique window into the life of an Artist. More than this, Ryan offers you a personal relationship through hand-written letters, private concerts, camping adventures, and more. 

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Friday Night at NOMA (2017)

Featuring RGF And The Wine Bags, recorded live at the New Orleans Museum Of Art on February 3rd, 2017. 


Live at the hi-ho lounge (2015) 

Recorded live at one of the hippest joints in New Orleans. 

Sunday morning, coming down

7.03.2014 / Kris Kristofferson Cover

The Nazarene

Original Indie Folk Song 2016

A Fire In Your Blood

Official Music Video 2014


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